William Edgar Oddie

There are many people who had various talents in them. They do not just do good in one thing but they have more titles given to them as they have the ability. William Edgar Oddie is one of them. He had various titles in himself as he had achieved them. He was born on July 7, 1941. Some of his titles is a composer, musician, artists, conservationist, birder, actor, television presenter, comedian and a writer with the adjective of English. He was known famously for his role in the comedy The Goodies with two others in the lead role.

He is also known for all of this as he had the passion for birder and even wrote books about it. Since he was a child, he is fond of birds and he was born in Quinton in Birmingham he can develop that interest. He had also presented in television about the issues concerning the wildlife and so he gains the reputation of being a conservationist and also as a naturalist. In his published books, he also included his own paintings and drawings that were used to illustrate the contents. He had mostly worked for the BBC in producing contents for programs like Britain Goes Wild With Bill Oddie.

There are much more shows and you can see the list in other pages. It is quite long with the time that he spent working with them. In terms of his music career, he had an Australian tour conducted that gives the opportunity for his fans to meet him and watch him perform live. Though he had much accomplishment, it was affected because of his condition suffering from depression. He had been to hospitals and made efforts so he could battle with it and continue with his works.